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interior design is for the rich and famous, no?

Massive, but popular misconception. Great design should be accessible to everyone with a renovation budget and we want to deliver life enhancing interiors to the many not the few.

I love interior design and want to put my stamp on it. won’t a designer take control ?

A good designer will only be happy when the client is happy. It is not our job to coerce you into seeing our vision, but for us to interpret and bring to life your vision. 

Interior design is decorating isn’t it ?

Definitely not. It’s about creating enduring, adaptable, and sustainable spaces that don’t chase trends or need updating every year. Your designed spaces will only grow more intune with you as your life grows.

i only have a small space, is it worth it ?

Absolutely. Arguably the smallest spaces need to work the hardest. We delve deep and create timeless, fashion-proof, design concepts that bring joy to your life.